Metrotram (Skorostnoy Tramvay, ST) – is a type of public transportation in Volgograd, it is a mix of underground and tram. It is also called the underground tram, metro-tram and even the Volgograd metro.

The system of the Volgograd Metrotram consists of 22 stations located at one line (17.3 km). The underground part of the line, built according to the standards of metro with tunnels and stations, has the length of 7.1 km and is located in the city centre including 6 stations. The ground part of line rebuilt from a usual tram line, connecting the city centre and northen parts, running through 5 city districts of the total 8 districts. It takes 5 minutes from the central station to the station at the Mamayev Kurgan.

The idea of the Metrotram as a kind of new transport appeared at the beginning of 1970-es. There is a unique length of Volgograd along the Volga River (more than 80 km) and that’s why the only high-speed tram in the country was built here (1984). Volgograd is considered to be a unique city because of the high-speed tram and moreover such a tram can be found in several cities of the world.

Interesting facts: Volgograd Metrotram

Forbes magazine put Volgograd on the 4-th place in the list of the most interesting tram routes in the world because tunnels are crossed going over each other.

The average speed of Metrotram is 22.7 km/per hour, while the speed of a usual tram is 16 km/per hour. The average time of a route is 30 minutes.

Annual transportations are 50 million of passengers. During the first years the tram transported 100 thousand of people every day.

The underground stations are built with the opportunity of reconstruction. The height of platforms can be raised to underground platforms; the platforms can be lengthened because they have secret parts.

The underground stations provide the high signal of mobile communication.

The first photos of the tram in the Internet were thought to be a photomontage but some time later the eyewitnesses confirmed that photos are real.