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Metrotram (Skorostnoy Tramvay, ST) – is a type of public transportation in Volgograd, it is a mix of underground and tram. It is also called the underground tram, metro-tram and even the Volgograd metro.
You can buy ticket in the saloon. It is recommended to use a tram during rush hours. The timetable: 6.00-23.00 (tram, trolley-bus), 5.00-20.00 (bus).
Fixed-route taxi (Marshrutnoye taksi, short „Marshrutka“) is the most popular kind of public transportation. Marshrutka can stop everywhere. You should pay in the saloon. The price depends on distance, the average price is 20 rubles, in the evening the price will be higher. The timetable: 5.30-24.00. From 9 p.m. a number of taxis is less.
There are different taxi services in Volgograd. It is better to call a taxi by phone. Some companies tell the price on the phone or you get a message with the number of your car and price. If you have a luggage you should inform the taxi company. There are also individual taxis in Volgograd.
From the Central River Port (Rechnoy port) you can get cutters and motor ships to Sarpinsky Island, to Krasnoslobodsk and several settlements, located on the other river bank. You can also enjoy the river and nature by motor ship (from April to October), and buy a ticket in the ticket office at berth number 1 at any time from 10:00 to 24:00.
You can get to Gumrak Airport by taxi or public transportation (it takes about half an hour to get from the centre to the Airport – attention: traffic jams!):