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​It’s difficult to think of the Volgograd region’ history without the Volga Germans. The flow of immigrants from Europe who rushed in Russia in the 1760s changed the life of the region.
​The Volga Germans’ settlements were characterized by their specific life and traditions. The colonists cultivated crops, raised cattle, and many of them worked at enterprises. The Volga Germans had less than 60 rest days and holidays a year. They especially respected Christmas, New Year, Easter, and Whit Sunday.
Nizhnyaya Dobrinka, the settlement in Kamyshinsiy district of the Volgograd region, is a place where the history of the Volga Germans began. On the 29th of June 1764 seventeen German families founded the first German colony on the Volga river – Moninger.
​The history of the Volgograd region is closely connected with the cultural and religious traditions of the Volga Germans. You’ll get an opportunity to get closer to the Lutheran and Catholic churches that adorned the German colonies.