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​Despite the climate of Volgograd, there are lots of parks and public gardens. Along with the embankment, City Park near Square of the Fallen Fighters and green alleys along Ulitsa Lenina, there are cozy places where you can relax in the shade of trees.
Volgograd is a city of contrasts where the past meets the present. It is very hot in Volgograd in summer because of the continental climate (+40) and in winter the weather is very cold (-30). Due to this diversity, everybody can find favorite activities.
In summer there are lots of opportunities for active rest. People usually have a rest near water. Volgograd is located on the largest river in Europe and there are many other rivers: the Don, the Akhtuba, the Ilovlya, the Hopyer, the Buzuluk and lakes, for example, Elton – the largest saltwater lake in Europe.
Winters are severe in Volgograd but anyway there are some activities. Many tourist centers offer Russian hut and saunas (banya), sleigh rides and horseback riding, ice fishing. If you adore skating you can visit lots of skating rinks where you can hire skates.