The Shcherbakovskiy Nature Park

The Shcherbakovskiy Nature Park is located in Kamyshinskiy district of Volgograd region along the Volga River. The park occupies 34,570 square hectares. Diverse natural zones are represented in the park: steppes, forest steppes and semi-deserts with rich local fauna and flora. Here, you can admire spectacular views. Next to birch woods there are rocky hills, talus and waterfalls. Visitors can have a good rest in magnificent natural surroundings. Evening views are especially gorgeous.

The park’s flora is indeed rich and unique. Around 485 highest vascular plant species inhabit the valley of the Shcherbakovka River and are registered in the Red Book. The park’s fauna is no less diverse and interesting. You can find numerous extinct and rare species on its territory, such as Caspian whipsnake, dying out Eastern imperial eagle, greater spotted eagle, great bustard and grand white-tailed eagle. Besides, you can see whole colonies of marmots and beaver biocenosis. In the forest you can see European deer, moose, roe deer and flocks of wild boars.

The Shcherbakovskiy Nature Park is also of historical value, as some time ago there were Volga Germans’ settlements with their own culture, which is now preserved in the form of monuments and old buildings. The Shcherbakovskiy Nature Park’s administration is located in the village of Nizhnyaya Dobrinka, which was founded by the Volga Germans. All along the park there are ruins of German houses, mostly the remains of foundations and cellars made of white stone.

This area has been long called “Volgograd Switzerland” for its beauty and uniqueness.