Route 3

Going from the Square of the Fallen Fighters to the Volga River you can have a nice walk along the Alley of Heroes to the Central Embankment. After passing through the Square with the Eternal Flame to Lenin Prospect you can also turn right or left to walk around the Park area along Lenin Prospect.

Opposite the Main Post Office, on the left side of the Square of the Fallen Fighters there is one of the oldest hotels of Volgograd – the Intourist Hotel (Gostinitsa „Inturist“). It was built in 1957 and is an architectural monument of the 20th century.

Like a mirror image of the Intourist Hotel on the right side of the Square of the Fallen Fighters there is the Volgograd Hotel (Gostinitsa „Volgograd“). The story of this Hotel starts from the time of Tsaritsyn. In 1890, on the main square of Tsaritsyn, now the Square of the Fallen Fighters, merchant Vasily Voronin built the first luxury apartments in Tsaritsyno – Stolichniye nomera. One of the luxurious hotels in the city had a spacious hall for concerts, the restaurant served dishes by French chefs, and on the first floor there was a chain of stores and shops by a famous merchant Belochkin. The hotel used to home literary evenings and performances, a lot of famous gentlemen and ladies visited it. In 1955, the hotel was located in a modern five-floor building constructed in the same style as the Main Post Office; the Intourist Hotel was in the Stalin's empire style. The Volgograd Hotel received its new name "Volgograd" in 1961 when Stalingrad was renamed into Volgograd.

The Alley of Heroes (Alleya Geroyev) was named in honour of the heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad and residents awarded ranks of the Hero of the Soviet Union. Alleya Geroyev is a promenade from the Square of the Fallen Fighters (Ploshchad Pavshykh Bortsov) to the Central embankment.

In 1942-1943 near the grave of the heroes of the Russian Civil War the defenders of Stalingrad who fell in fights were buried. In memory of the heroes the granite memorial obelisk was erected, near which the Eternal Flame burns. There is a nice tradition in Volgograd: newlyweds lay flowers to the Eternal flame. In the same place there is the Post No. 1 where the Volgograd school students keep the guard of honour.

Slightly farther to the right from the Eternal Flame there is the mass grave of three soldiers – heroic defenders of Stalingrad of different nationalities: Spaniard Ruben Ibarruri, Russian pilot Vladimir Kamenshchikov and Tatar Hafiz Fattyakhutdinov. Near the mass grave the unique poplar grows which survived during the most severe Stalingrad Battle.

On the right side of the Alley there is the Volgograd State Medical University, on the left side – the famous Central Department Store in which basement Field Marshal Paulus was captured by the Soviet troops in 1943 (now here is the Memory Museum (Pamyat), the Puppet Theatre (Teatr kukol) and the Youth Theatre (Molodyozhny teatr). Closer to the Embankment on the both sides of the Alley there are obelisks with the names of the Volgograd citizens, the Heroes of the Soviet Union, persons who were prized with the awards of Glory of three degrees, and the Heroes of the Soviet Union awarded ranks for feats in the Battle of Stalingrad.

Many cafés, shops, theaters, and impressive night illumination make the Alleya Geroнev a nice place for meetings, dates, walks and fun. On either side of the alley there are residential buildings in the Stalin's empire style.

In the centre of Volgograd there is a park area which is in the central part of Lenin Prospect (Prospekt Lenina) and is, in fact, its boulevard part. It is a green avenue which starts at the Monument to founding fathers of Tsaritsyn and comes to the end near Lenin Square. It is the longest park zone in Volgograd which total length is about 2 km. The green park strip divides the prospect into two parts of one-way traffic. The avenue is very picturesque and arranged well. The park area is decorated with three fountains and a variety of flower beds. In spring lots of tulips grow here and in summer – beautiful roses. This is one of the favorite places of the Volgograd citizens and guests of the city. While walking along the boulevard it is nice to look at the monuments: the Monument to the Volgograd poetess Margarita Agashina, the monument to Komsomol members, defenders of Stalingrad, and the bronze bust twice the Hero of the Soviet Union, the participant of the Battle of Stalingrad, the pilot Vassily Efremov.

Farther the students’ part of the avenue begins: on Ulitsa Gagarina in the place of its crossing with Prospect Lenina there is the building of the Volgograd branch of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Then towards Lenin Square on the both sides of the park there are the two oldest higher educational institutions of Volgograd: Volgograd Socio-Pedagogical University and Volgograd State Technical University. Walking through the park you should be ready for a small "earthquake" under the park area there is the Volgograd speed tram line. It does not cause any trouble, but rather allows you to experience something unusual.

Few steps away from the monument there is the shop and cafe from the Volgograd Сonfil chocolate factory where you can taste our local sweets.

Interesting facts: Motorist Monument (Pamyatnik avtomobilistu):

In October 28, 2012, in the Day of Motorist, in the centre of Volgograd (at Ulitsa Komsomolskaya opposite the Diamant Shopping Center) the first monument to the motorist in Russia was opened. The Bronze statue is made after Adam Kozlevich, a driver from a Soviet popular novel "The Golden Calf" by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov. Kozlevich is sitting on a wheel with a steering wheel in his hands. Volgograd citizens consider that this monument will become a guardian angel of all motorists of Volgograd. For example, it will help to pass examination for the driving license from the first or to go without breakages and emergencies. If you want to be a lucky driver you should rub this wheel well. Besides, the sculpture of the motorist inspired Volgograd citizens on a new tradition: to welcome the bronze Kozlevich beeping in the car.