Nobel Town

The Nobel town, which is situated on the territory of the Central Park of Culture and Recreation, is one of the most unusual places of prerevolutionary Tsaritsyn. Its history starts in the 19th century, when three brothers Robert, Ludvig and Alfred Nobel (founders of the Nobel prize) together with their Russian companion Baron Peter von Bilderling set up an oil company – the Petroleum Production Company Nobel Brothers. The company transported oil and petroleum products from Baku to reduce the price of kerosene.

It was a kind of innovative company. Firstly, in-plant oil was transported over a pipeline. Secondly, the first tanker was invented to transport oil products for long distances. Thirdly, wooden barrels were replaced by metal tanks. However, it was necessary to build infrastructure to transport oil up and down the Volga. So, it was the beginning of the construction of the Nobel town in Tsaritsyn.

Autonomy, clear division into industrial and residential areas, trees and gardens, advanced technologies were the principles of the town development. Tsaritsyn spread to the north and approached the Nobel Town. Tsaritsyn was developing: oil was made of petroleum, oil products were stored, repair industrial workshops were opened and electric lighting appeared in the city. After the 2nd World War the Central Park of Culture and Recreation was laid out on the territory of the former Nobel Town.