Welcome to Volgograd! Our city has a variety of national cuisine of different countries. Restaurants and cafés of national style are located in the city centre. Our restaurateurs tried to take into account all tastes of both citizens and guests of Volgograd.

Russian cuisine

There is a variety of meat and fish dishes, Russian pies (traditional dish with meat, fish, cereal or cabbage stuffing), candies, home-made beverages: kvass (popular Russian fermented beverage, made from rye or barley), mead:

Sosnovy Bor (Ulitsa Angarskaya, 137/181;

Kazachy Dvor (Ulitsa Udmurtskaya, 31;

Ay da Khutorok (Ulitsa Kachinstev, 63 b;

BlinClub (Ulitsa Sovetskaya, 8;

Georgian- Caucasian cuisine

In these restaurants you can find unforgettable taste and a variety of Georgian cuisine, well-known Georgian wine and the best traditions of Caucasian and Georgian cuisine.

Chito Gvrito (Ulitsa Lenina, 49 b;

Na Alleye(Alleya Geroyev, 3;

French cuisine

Paris is in the centre of Volgograd. The menu surprises with a variety of dishes: Richelieu medallions, chicken- Latyuilya sauté, and specialty by chef de cuisine – Corsican baked lamb, delicious salads, and crispy croissants.

Le Balcon (Ulitsa Krasnoarmeyskaya, 7;

Chinese cuisine

Light dishes of sea food, salads, Chinese soups, traditional Peking Duck, Fried Wonton with shrimp and scallops:

Shanghai (Ulitsa Rokossovskogo, 28;

Ukrainian cuisine

Nourishing soup with dumplings, salt suet, boiled, smoked with golden croutons with garlic and green onions, the traditional "Chicken Kiev", salads:

Gulyay Pole (Ulitsa Chuikova, 17 г;

Shinok (Ulitsa Eremenko, 68;

Czech cuisine

Czech beer, meat dishes with traditional Czech dumplings:

Cheshsky dvor (Ulitsa Sovetskaya, 5;

German cuisine

Traditional German sausages, juicy stakes, different kinds of beer:

Bamberg (Ulitsa Sovetskaya, 20;

Brauhaus (Ulitsa Kovrovskaya, 24;

Italian cuisine

Here you can find a variety of Italian dishes: pizza, pasta, ravioli, lasagna, risotto, gnocchi, cannelloni, panna cotta and many others:

Trattoria “Florentsia” (Ulitsa Kalinina, 6 b;

Trattoria “Rimini” (Ulitsa Gagarina, 9;

Basilico (Ulitsa Tsiolkovskogo, 37;

Japanese cuisine

Sushi, sashimi and rolls, salads, hot dishes, seafood specialties and dishes prepared on the fire, as well as a wide range of tea:

Yakitoriya (the building of the River Port;

Sakura (Ulitsa Kommunisticheskaya, 8 k (in the city park);