The new Travel website of Volgograd region and Volgograd “Volgograd land – a territory of travelling” was created within the framework of the scientific grant by the Russian Foundation for Humanities, regional contest “Volzhsky Lands (Volzhskie Zemli) in the History and Culture of Russia”, Volgograd region in 2015-2016 by the team of authors – staff, post-graduate students and students of the Department of Translation Theory and Practice, Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication, Volgograd State University with the active support of our foreign colleagues and friends of our department. Successful communication and translation in tourism sphere is not only a part of our profession. We are sure that an interesting, well-planned tour itinerary is a key to bright discovery of history and culture of our region; it is a first step to harmonious polylogue between cultures which is a keen part for the future in the globalization era.

The website includes diverse information about various tourist attractions of our region. You will find information about tour itineraries, theatres, museums, architectural monuments, parks, natural monuments, history of Volgograd region and Volgograd, its citizens, etc.

The website has five language versions – Russian, English, German, French and Chinese. It is our love confession to Volgograd and wish to express it sincerely to the guests of our region.