The Shherbakovskaya Gully – Volgograd Switzerland

The Shherbakovskaya gully is associated with the Swiss Alps foothills by its splendor. Unique climate and landscape are favourable for rare plants and wild animals. Here, you can see scorpions, wild boars, moos, deer and roe deer. The upper level of the gully is of special interest as the one side the gully is limited by a steep rock and the other looks like the Swiss Alps foothills.

A very fast and cold river Shherbinka flows in the central part of the picturesque gully. The gully’s slopes are like rocks made of silica clay. There is a natural cave, called the Shherbakovskaya Cave inside one of the rocks. From here you can see a great view of the “Wall of tears”, which is a steep wall with numerous cold streams flowing out of it.

Two recreation bases are situated on the left bank of the Shherbakovskaya Gully. Here, you can find summer pavilions, benches and a big barbeque grill. Not very far from there you can see the ruins of the German settlement founded by Catherine II.