The Svyato-Voznesenskiy Convent

The Dubovskiy Svyato-Voznesenskiy Convent has its own interesting history. It was built in 1871 as the sorority not far from Dubovka town on the right bank of the Volga River,that is 70 kilometers from Volgograd. Thanks to the prayers of the convent’s founder – Archpriest Ioann Pokrovskiy – the source of water miraculously appeared. Many people after visiting this holly source have recovered from hypertonia, infertility, oncology and other diseases. Now the chapel of the "Life-bearing well" icon of Holly Mother is being built next to the source. Furthermore, everyone can study the ancient architecture of the 19th century and visit the church of Holy John the Forerunner, where Tikhvinskaya Icon of Holy Mother is placed. This icon helps people in different sorrows and hard situations. In the convent you can taste cloistral meal and stay for night in a comfortable pilgrim hotel. This magnificent place will help you to escape from a noisy city and routine life.