The Aleksandrovskiy Graben

The Aleksandrovskiy graben is a geological cross-section of the tectonic structure located on the right bank of the Volga River between the villages of Gornaya Proleika and Gorniy Balykley. The graben was named after the Сossac village, located here, called Aleksandrovskaya, now the village of Suvodskaya. It is few kilometers long, and half a kilometre wide. From the top of the ridge one can see spectacular views of the Volgograd water-storage reservoir and the graben itself, with a small shallow lake on its bottom.

The Aleksanderovskiy graben is of significant scientific value, since it is the only site in the area with the access to the neogene and paleogene rocks. Here, a 200-metre cavity was formed in the layers of the soil, its formation started 30 million years ago and finished just a few centuries ago.