The Monument to Goat

The ancient town of Uryupinsk known as the capital of the Russian province is placed in one of the most picturesque corners of the Volgograd region.

The small town has its own symbol that is considered to be the only Russian monument to a goat which was opened on the main street of Uryupinsk in September 2000. The monument is made of granite and weighs about 20 tons. A group of sculptures "Needlewomen" and the Goat Museum are also located near the monument. Recently, the locals have started celebrating the annual holiday – the Goat Day. The festival takes place on the main square next to the monument, with the competitions and goat down products fair.

Such attention to the animal is a way for the locals to pay tribute to their «breadwinner»: it gives milk, meat, and most importantly – valuable softest down, that is used to create beautiful hand-made products. Uryupinsk is famous for its exquisitely-knitted down products: scarves, shawls, mittens made of goat down, which has healing properties. Everyone can knit in Urypinsk. This folk craft is usually considered as a family craft and additional source of income for families, and in some cases their sole source of income. Uryupinsk is a well-known center of knitting and goat breeding not only in the Volgograd region, but also far beyond.

Now, the granite goat has got its nose darkened and rubbed out, not because of the weather but because of the tradition. It is believed that the goat will grant happiness to the person who rubs its nose. Tourists never miss an opportunity to rub the nose of the goat for good luck.