Olga's Spring

Olga's spring is placed in Zhirnovsky district at the border with the Saratov region near the Vishnevoe rural settlement. The history of the spring’s origin is unknown, but the locals have always looked after the source of clean water. The healing properties of the spring have been known since ancient times. Although this is not a well-known landmark of the Volgograd region, the holy spring attracts visitors with its tales and legends. According to one of them, Saint Olga helped the spring waters to break through ground by digging the sand with her own hands. In memory of this event the Holy Trinity Convent (also called Divnogorsky) was founded next to the spring. Another legend, on the contrary, says that the spring was discovered after the convent was built. One of the first nuns – Olga Plotnikova – miraculously discovered a source of clean water among the arid steppes.

Unfortunately, during the Second World War, the Holy Trinity Convent was almost completely destroyed.

Decades later, some volunteers decided to restore the sacred place by clearing the territory around the spring that now attracts more and more pilgrims. It is believed that the water from this spring is curative for people suffering from different diseases, as well as for all those who just want to improve their health with the help of the water’s unique properties.

The outskirts of Olga’s spring are well known among researchers of different natural anomalies. Unusual sources of light, the nature of which has not yet been discovered, are regularly observed in the area. Moreover, one summer evening in 1999 an object resembling UFO was captured on a video camera there.