​Medveditskaya Gryada

Medveditskaya gryada

The Medveditskaya Gryada ridge is one of the most amazing places in the Volgograd region. It is a chain of low 200-380 metres high hills located in the north-eastern part of the Volgograd region not far from the town of Zhirnovsk.

The Medveditskaya Gryada ridge is mostly famous for its legends about various anomalies that are appearing here like ball lightening, UFO and places where they landed, mysterious tunnels and caves and other unexplained phenomena or even archeological finds.

The Medveditskaya Gryada ridge is also famous for another enthralling place – Blue Mount (rus. Sinyaya Gora) or Frenzied Lightening Downhill (rus. Sklon beshenykh molniy). This place is known as one of the most abnormal zones in the Volgograd region which attracts thunderclouds, ball lighting and UFO. They say that ball lighting moves slowly and quite close to the ground and as a proof there are completely or partly burned trees and burn prints on the trunks that remind hemisphere. Most of such prints are close to the roots of trees. Researchers say that the nature of these damages is surprisingly unusual. Firstly “something” damaged the roots of a tree and then its other parts. The whole surface of the hills is covered with clefts of unknown depth and in some places lave can be seen. Scientists from all over the world come here to explore the true nature of ball lighting.

Near the Medveditskaya Gryada ridge there is the Devil’s Den (rus. Chyertovo Logovo) and Drunken Grove (rus. Pyanya Roshcha). Drunken Grove also known as the Grove of Drunken Birches is a geopathogenic zone in the Volgograd region. It is a place where birches grow not up to but lay on the ground like huge lianas. The Devil’s Den is a legendary place of spontaneous combustions of things that cannot be explained. A lot of tourists come here every year to face personally fabulous phenomena of these places.