Interregional Contest of Decorative Knitting

The Russian town of Uryupinsk is one of the tourist centers of the Volgograd region. The town is known not only for humorous folklore but as a capital of Russian province. It is also famous for its knitted products made of goat down.

Annually the interregional contest of goat down knitting is held in Uryupinsk. Every year craftsmen from different parts of Russia come here for the festival.

Needlewomen show warm, soft, elegant and lace shawls, palatines, kerchiefs, made with knitting needles, crochet hooks, as well as with the help of fork and spindle using traditional and nontraditional ways of knitting. Craftswomen also compete in decorative knitting of clothes with embroidery, application and others kinds of decoration. Young needlewomen take part in the contest together with the adults and show their best works.

The contest among masters of folklore and art crafts goes beyond the competition for participants and becomes a real national holiday with an interesting program including festive fair, performances of folk groups, the contest for the best goat, theatrical performances which create a good mood and make the holiday really bright!