Interesting facts: The Volga Hydroelectric Power Station (Volzhskaya GES)

The Volga Hydroelectric Power Station, short GES, is the largest hydroelecteic Station in Europe and an important part of the Unified energy system of Russia. Its capacity is 2608 MW. The total length of the hydrosystem is 5 km.

The Volga Hydroelectric Station is one of the most impressive constructions built by people that stuns with its power, grandeur and magnificence. You can enjoy the view of GES only from the riverbank, because it's not allowed to stop and take photos or vidoes at the station.

The preparatory stage of the construction started at the end of 1950. Two thousand factories from 500 cities of the Soviet Union supplied the construction with equipment, machines and specialists. The Volga Hydroelectric Station was commissioned with a ceremony in 1961. The railway and highway passages across the Volga River are built on the hydrosystem facilities. If you go through the hydroelectric station from Volgograd you can see a monument to the builders of the Volga Hydroelectric Station with an inscription 'Glory to the builders of communism'.

It is particularly worth mentioning the Volgograd Reservoir that is called a sea by many people: its length is 540 km, and the width reaches 17 km in some areas. The average depth is 10 m; the depth near the dam is 41 m. The total area of the reservoir is 3117 square kilometres.

It is also worth visiting one more attraction not far from GES - the lighthouse. It is a very beautiful place at any time of the year. The residents of both cities spend their time here with great pleasure, enjoying the beauty of nature and picturesque landscape.