The ideal place to start the walk around the city centre is Square of the Fallen Fighters (Ploshchad Pavshikh bortsov) – the central square of Volgograd which consists of 2 parts: Square of Demonstrations and public garden with common graves of the defenders of Tsaritsyn and Stalingrad. Different city events, mass festive activities, meetings, fairs and parades are held at the Square of Demonstrations.

The buildings located around Square of the Fallen Fighters form an architectural and cultural ensemble: the New Experimental Theatre, the Central Post Office, the Intourist Hotel and the Volgograd Hotel form a square in the shape of a letter 'T'.

There is Kilometre Zero at the Square. It is a starting point of all roads in the Volgograd Region. Lots of people believe that if you stand in the centre of the sign, make a wish and throw a coin over your shoulder, your wish will definitely come true.

Previously the square was called Alexander Square (Aleksandrovskaya ploshchad) and was a trade square. There were merchant stores, market stalls and cook-shops around it. The square got its current name in 1920 in commemoration of the victims of the White Guard terror, whose grave is located in the park at Alley of Heroes (Alleya Geroyev).

You can choose one of the three different routes from the Square of the Fallen Fighters:

  • to the left towards the New Experimental Theatre and then the Central Railway Station (route 1),
  • to the right along Ulitsa Mira towards the Planetarium (route 2),
  • down Alley of Heroes (Alleya Geroyev).towards the Volga River (route 3).