​The Panorama-Museum "Stalingrad Battle"

The Panorama-Museum "Stalingrad Battle" (Muzey-Panorama „Stalingradskaнa bitva“) refers to the most important museums of Russia dedicated to the Battle of Stalingrad which became the beginning of a turnaround in the war. In this museum you can touch the heroism, military history, get acquainted with the exposition of military trophies and personal belongings of the Soviet and Wehrmacht soldiers (letters, postcards, household items). The Panorama-Museum consists of 8 exhibition halls, 4 dioramas. The main exhibit of the museum is a canvas with scenes of the battle. Since 1989 there is a continuously expanding exposition devoted to the military actions in Afghanistan and Chechnya. There are ruins of the old mill next to the museum; it is a monument to Stalingrad and the heroism of its defenders.

Tsentralny district

Ulitsa Marshala Chuikova, 47

Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday: 10.00-18.00, Thursday: 13.00-21.00 (Nov. – Mar.);

Thursday: 10.00-21.00 (Apr. – Oct.);

Monday – closed